UK Coloured Pencil Soceity Page

 Clicking the logo below will take you to the UKCPS website.

Browse the 'Members' Gallery' and enjoy the the wonderful range of images produced using coloured pencils.

If you you feel inspired to give it a try there is much helpful advice on the site. This covers materials, techniques, demos etc.

"This Society has been founded with two main aims in mind - to promote coloured pencils as a fine art medium, and to support UK based artists who use, or wish to use, coloured pencils, in any way. In this site you will find examples of what can be done with coloured pencils, links to artists who use them, and details of upcoming events and exhibitions which promote this medium. You will also find a lot of patient, sympathetic, artists willing to help you over that lonely feeling you get in your Art group when everyone else is dashing off watercolours in 20 minutes!"

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